Efficiency is really just a decision.

It cannot be an inherent quality. Otherwise one who was inefficient could never be efficient and vice versa.

It's not about training either. You can become more efficient, but anyone who has ever slept late from work knows how easy it is to be efficient at waking up and getting to work. That's not achieved by training.

It's more about a state of mind. Do you have a reason to be efficient? If you don't actively decide to be efficient, you won't be, because being inefficient is the default mode in which things are done (due to natural human qualities we all are burdened with).

Deciding to be efficient is challenging. It means compressing effort to a smaller amount of time. It's tougher to rest less between exercising sets in gym.

But the good news is also that efficiency becomes a habit. Once you've got used to efficiency in the things you do, you'll push yourself to do it each time again, because you cannot stand the opposite. It feels too inefficient.