How Jumping into Cold Water Every Morning Taught Me to Minimize Mental Sloppiness

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How Jumping into Cold Water Every Morning Taught Me to Minimize Mental Sloppiness

At one point in my life I made it a commitment to jump into cold water every morning right after waking up.

What I found out after the first few days was that it was actually hard to do. I'd wait minutes for no reason before jumping. I caught myself convincing to myself that I was waiting solely to 'capture the experience'. It felt hard to go for the jump if I hadn't waited enough.

Now, when you think about it, the act in itself is ridiculously easy. You'll just jump a few feet and land on water instead of land. Then you've accomplished the task and if you like cold water, continue to swim or get up on dry land.

What actually made the task hard wasn't the act. Anyone, even a little child, could jump and do the same. What made it hard were the objections that were going on inside my head.

Now, even then, I recognized it for what it was: basic human fears building up excuses to 'protect' the body. Same kind of excuses that people face in their everyday lives: when deciding whether to start going to the gym, to quit their jobs and to start traveling for an extended period of time.

The interesting thing is, exactly the same process is going on in those situations, too! It's really easy to quit your job. You'll just sign a resignation letter. Very few things are easier than starting to go to the gym; they pretty much drag you there if they sense you're willing to pay them. But the reason why we don't do those things - even if they are beneficial for us - is because of the objections going on inside our minds.

Simply said, the objections inside our mind - that aren't really based on any real threat or reason - hinder us from going forward in life.

The ones who are able to remove or ignore those objections will be the ones who will have it easier to achieve what's important to them in life.

There's really no formula to do that. You'll just have to consciously and objectively acknowledge the dialog that's going on inside your mind in those situations and actively attempt to diminish the opposition.

If you have absolutely no idea where to start, you might as well try start jumping in to cold water every morning after you wake up.

Talk to you next time,

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